CCAC Covid-19 Safety Plan

CCAC and Covid-19: How We Plan to Keep You Safe

The CCAC is re-opening for in-person lessons on a limited basis. Online lessons are still available.

Note: Subject to change following Public health regulations.

For in-person lessons,

1. All our staff are fully vaccinated.

2. We will have only one teacher per day in the Centre. No more than one student can be present in the Centre at any one time.

3. Separate pianos for teacher and student, separated by a plexiglass barrier.

4. There will be no group classes at this time. Vocal lessons will remain online.

5. Face coverings (mask and/or visor) and physical distancing are mandatory for teachers and students for the duration of the lesson.

6. There will be no reception. The front door will be kept locked. Students will be admitted after ringing the buzzer. Parents must present proof of vaccination to accompany their children or wait outside.

7. There will be a fifteen minute break between students to allow for sanitizing instruments and for the room to ventilate.

8. Ventilation has been upgraded and air purifiers with HEPA filters are installed.

9. We are using an online screening app,, with the QR code posted on the front door.

10. Paper waivers are available for those without a smart phone.

11. Because of the fifteen minute interval, punctuality is essential.

We are excited to be back in person and we want everybody to stay safe!

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